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Bought a 2019 RAV4 Trail in November 2019. Paul (Sales) was excellent, and delivered on the agreements he made. A small hiccup occured with some rust plugs not being installed prior to delivery, but was resolved by calling Nathan (sales mgr). Overall, they were responsive and got me the car is wanted, with a rapid turnaround that included winter tires install and tint essentially in 24 hours time. The car was bought for bad weather driving, and handles exceptionally in rain, snow, sleet, and freezing rain just as promised. It is comfortable, and drives well. It has multiple drive settings (Eco, Normal, and Sport) as well as beneficial settings such as hill support, mud and sand settings. I'd say the car is fantastic with one major exception: Entune and Scout GPS. Both were touted as features, and that they are not. Scout is terribly slow and inaccurate (often positions me 10+ minutes from where I am, and is very slow to respond to rerouting when needed). Entune is also slow, buggy, and provides inaccurate info (the audio screen often shows the name of the first song, and then doesn't change unless my phone is disconnected or the car is restarted). The multimedia system is crippled by these 2 poorly developed softwares. I am admittedly disappointed by the technology considering the rest of the car is very modern; so much so I have deleted both apps and just use android auto and have mounted my phone in the car.

Adrian Smith

2 weeks ago

I bought a used (2015) Toyota Corolla from Sunrise. It was the best experience I’ve ever had. The team was informative and happy and really helped me pick out the perfect car! I would especially like to thank Matt who helped me through everything. He has a wonderful, helpful personality. He sat with me and figured out different options I had. I also decided last minute I’d like the car tinted, and he made it happen, even called me to confirm on his day off. Now that’s service! I am so happy with the experience I had at this dealership. I would recommend them to my family and friends.

Krysta Mate

a month ago

My daughter went to school in Orilla and during her entire time there, much of her service on her Corolla was performed at Sunrise Toyota, Being far away, we always felt comfortable knowing the team at Sunrise were there when we needed them. After she graduated and we were planning her return home, Charlton Fatkin helped us us out tremendously. I recommend Sunrise Toyota without hesitation! Thanks Charlton and Team Sunrise!

Andrew MacLachlan

a month ago

Mark Mayo did an amazing job assisting me today at the dealership. He offered excellent customer service and went above and beyond to ensure that my experience at Toyata was flawless. He works at the service desk and provided everything with a smile and professional manners. Thanks!

deni7250 deni7250

2 months ago

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